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Order Information
Order Search with multiple options

Centralized Order Search with multiple options.

Order Status and Ticklers (Notifications) for important dates and deadline.

Single point of entry for the life of the order; data flows throughout the application.

Defaulted Data allows sites to set up defaults for all new orders.

Commitment & Policies

What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get title document preparation.

Quickly complete the title document with the User-Definable Clause Library.

Easy access to order entry data eliminates duplicate entry and maintains accuracy.

Easy access to order-entry data

Escrow & Closing
Recognizable HUD

Easily recognizable HUD data entry User Interface.

HUD detail and calculation worksheets allow users to enter only as much detail as needed.

Disbursement Worksheet allows users to group/ungroup fees, split/combine checks or disburse a file partially or completely.

Document Preparation

What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get document preparation.

User-Definable Clauses with automatic numbering/lettering.

Prepare as a set based on the transaction type or lender requirements.

Closing documents are quickly completed using the information entered in the Coda Title System data entry screens.

WYSIWYG with Print Preview

Escrow Accounting
3-way Bank Reconciliation.

3-way Bank Reconciliation.

Escrow Accounting reports allow offices to track the status of their escrow accounts.

Management Reporting

Management reports for monitoring income, closing and title orders, sales information and sources of business.

Customized Reports available.

Compose messages in a variety of formats.

Customized Data Entry

Lookups allow users to choose from site defined information.

Custom Screens allow sites to design their own data entry requirements.

Custom Reports, Documents.


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