Coda Title System

Coda Title System for Windows is Software Genesis's powerful title and escrow system for order entry, document preparation, escrow accounting, closing, order tracking and management reporting. It is specifically designed to be scalable and modular so you'll get all of the functionality you need in a title and escrow solution at the right price.

On-screen recognizable HUD data entry with worksheets.

Simple set-up and installation of both client and server to enable rapid deployment.

Robust feature-set and flexible configuration to enhance scalability and usability.

Advanced Security features and local administration of sensitive operations.

One-time Entry System.

Visual HUD Detail and Calculation Screens allow users to input as little or as much as needed.

Local and network printing capability.

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Coda Title System - Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition of Coda Title System for Windows supplies your organization with a single solution that adds powerful Communication and Planning tools to a Title and Escrow software solution.

Coda Enterprise Edition seamlessly integrates email, calendaring, meeting scheduling, contact management and a prioritized task list, in one powerful, fast, and easy-to-use application.

Built to visually resemble other familiar Information Management tools.

Account management tools let you receive, manage and organize messages from multiple email accounts.

Manage the schedules of the entire office in real-time.

Sort, search and navigate contacts using an intuitive paged display.

Review daily To-Do's with sorting and data filtering options to prioritize activities for the day.

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WorkGroup Scheduling and Closing Calendar.


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